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Domain names for your next project

Finding domain names often exhausting. Here is a list of expired domains gathered from over 70K+ product listings on producthunt, ready for you to register and start working on your project right away.

No brokers, no back-orders.

Benefits of buying a used domain;

Google loves aged domains. Especially if they are TLDs. These domains were promoted on producthunt along with many other platforms. They are aged, have backlinks, and self-explanatory. Not like the ones you would find on expireddomains.

Don't waste time on initial feedback. With a quick search on Google, you'll find how people responded to the idea. Study their mistakes and make sure to avoid them. Build better, pitch nicer, promote exceptional & profit more.

Jumpstart working on a weekend project. Most of these domains are targeted to solve a specific problem. They are either brandable or dictionary keywords. You'll have an idea when you see the domain.

What you've missed recently; 🤷‍♂️

Don't worry;

There are more than 1600 domains waiting for you!

Frequently answered questions;

Yes, you can find these domains by yourself, you don't need to pay me. Good luck 👋

Yes, you can find expired domains elsewhere, they'll charge you too for the good ones.

Yes, these are failed projects, if you can't build & promote it better. It's not going to work for you either.

Yes, it's build for flippers in mind, if you can't profit more than $100 while flipping, choose another hobby.

Yes, you'll have an access to 1600+ domain names for less than a single back-order fee.

Yes, you are right and I love you.

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